October 19, 2017

It's Summer Again In 'The Tropics'

I knew when Heidi jumped off the couch, rolled once on the floor and popped right back up barking to herself, that summer had come back for one final time and it had to be above 70°. With an overwhelming demand to be fed lunch kibble, it was served almost at 1pm in preparation for the time change in the near future. I hope by the time it gets too cold to paint, I finish my paint prep, put on some primer and paint the trim in the carport. Probably tomorrow after lunch in the sunshine it will be "Operation Dog Nails" and Heidi's will have hers trimmed back as much as possible.

Stella Continues To Improve

With another late night (early morning hours) with MLB Playoff games, computer work and not being able to sleep ... once again our day started about 9am as I felt a wet bloodhound muzzle poking at my hand hanging over the side of the bed. It was Stella standing there letting me know she wanted her breakfast. Whenever Stella wants something or just stops by to say hi ... she pokes you with her nose.

October 18, 2017

An Afternoon Of Smoke

The lighting for taking pictures always seems better in the afternoon than the morning. I changed the camera settings from 'single point' to 'auto area' to see if was just my eyes or better quality. It was the perfect afternoon today with a slight breeze from the south, 71° and bright sunshine. I had yet to feel any kind of the pain I felt yesterday in my jaw. We did have a surprise visitor on our walk ....

Stella & Sadie Sprint Next Door

Like I said yesterday, there is never a dull moment with two bloodhounds. This morning for the first time ever, Stella ran down over the bank into the neighbors yard with Sadie showing her the way. I'll get to that story further down the post. It proved that they can hear and smell live moving things (people) a long way off.

October 17, 2017

Stella Sneaks Away This Morning

You have to admit that Stella is very persistent with her attempts to travel solo when outside. Of course with her huge desire and at least a million attempts in the 26 months she has lived here to 'escape', you could bet all the money have have that once those hunger pains hit her stomach she would be back at the house trying to nudge the door open so she could eat.

Voting Was Unanimous 3-0

Not only did Stella cast her vote but so did Sadie and Heidi ... although there was no eating of dirt prior to voting for them. Soon after lunch all three hounds hung out around the FJ discussing how then were going to tell me that 'they' run this blog, that I am only the typist and photographer. It kind of reminded me of my working days were people hung out in the coffee lounge discussing various things.

October 16, 2017

Some Early Humor, Ranting and Rambling

I'll warn you, with cold temps, severe right jaw pain worse than any toothache, 2 cups of strong coffee and little sleep after doing the latest macOS beta update starting after 2am when I get 'free' data of an extra 50Gb per month added to the 20Gb I pay for ... I am feeling a little ornery this morning ... so be ready.

As you can see once the inside of the house temperature dropped below 70°, in fact getting down to 64° since I left the windows open last night ... Heidi requested she be covered up with her favorite Mexican blanket before Sadie, Stella and I took off for our morning at with fog and 46° outside.