December 13, 2017

Another Morning Hound Walk

The pace has been fast and furious since we are getting use to cold weather every day. I hate talking about weather but it's a big factor in what we do. It's early in the winter and the Bloodhounds are already showing signs of 'cabin fever'. We still get our two walks in per day as a minimum ... Except Heidi.

December 12, 2017

Heidi's Winter Hibernation

It's nothing out of the ordinary for Heidi. I've seen it for 6 winters now. She moves into the deeper winter hibernation as the temps get colder outside. It's like those hibernations you read about bears. Probably the only difference is, she gets fed 2x per day and she is the most active before and after those meals. Today was no different with a wind chill of 14° outside at 10am ... it wasn't even close to her temperature threshold of 70°

December 11, 2017

Stella Felt Good This Morning

The hounds were energized as soon as their paws hit the door step this morning when I opened the door for the first time this morning. During the time I was pouring out kibble, they normally go out into the field, dump their tanks and are standing by the door waiting to get inside to eat by the time I am finished. But not today ....

December 10, 2017

Windy And Cold For The Hounds

Heidi decided soon after lunch that the temperature might be a lot higher but with that 20mph wind blowing freezing cold air ... it was just as cold as yesterday. Her stay outside was no more than 10 minutes if that. Her and I dream of those 80° days of summer.

December 9, 2017

A Rough And Humorous Start Today

It's trying it's best to snow as forecasted but without much success. Here in 'the tropics' we are in kind of a 'pocket' where storms follow the I-70 corridor north of us and the Ohio River south of us. Radar may show we are about to get blasted with snow storms, thunderstorms or even tornadoes but they always seem to split at the Indiana /Illinois state line and follow those two routes or move around us within miles.

December 8, 2017

Stella Loves Temps In Teens

Light snow is forecasted for Saturday but it looked like it almost started this morning. It was nothing but heavy frost and luckily at 8am, no wind made 16° feel pretty warm. There is something Stella likes when it's below 20° because that is when she is the most energetic any time of year.

December 7, 2017

Coldest Day Yet But The Hounds Love To Walk

It was nice to see that sunshine but don't let it fool you. We were out the door before 8am and my WeatherBug app was telling me it was only 25° but was going to feel like 17°. Sadie started her 'stare down' around 7:30am from the doorway wanting to walk and started whining by 7:50am ... I knew I didn't have a choice. So I dressed as if I was going to spend all day on the ski slopes, grabbed the Nikon and took off. Only my face told me during the walk just how cold it was.