December 31, 2017

Happy New Year !!

The hounds and I wish all of you a Happy New Year and to having a good 2018. Those arctic winds blew in yesterday afternoon and continued through the night. Very strong winds make the storms windows rattle and that they did even with them being iced over. As you see Heidi has gone to her 'freezing weather' routine. She will get up for lunch and/or to move to the couch in the afternoon but nothing more.

December 30, 2017

Sadie Gets Irritable When Walks Are Canceled

It seems to happen more during the cold weather we are having compared to the extremely hot days in July or August. Before Sadie gets her first walk of the day or her second one after lunch, she gets irritated. She jumps up thinking we are going for a walk every time I get out of my chair or off the couch. She can't relax, until she has her walks. That could be a problem this afternoon and the next few days with the arctic push arriving later today.

Sadie's Walk This Morning

Feeling the wind from the NW this morning hitting the left side of my face during our walk, it feels like the forecast of single digit temps this afternoon may cancel any walks today. The windchill was 10° but I knew we had to walk this morning or Sadie would go insane ... jumping up thinking we were going for a walk every time I moved inside the house.


December 29, 2017

The Heat Wave Arrives

I wasn't tempted to trade my jeans for cargo shorts but it felt much warmer this morning at 19°. It will be short lived with possible snow this afternoon and the arctic weather blowing down from the NW to arrive in the morning. I felt we had a chance for a complete walk this morning for the first time in a few days. Both bloodhounds took off, confirming just how warm it felt.

Heidi Confirms Heat Wave

We had a stranger out in our yard today after lunch, but only for about 2 minutes before she sprinted back inside. Heidi made her first photo'd appearance in a few days, confirming to me the 21° was a major heat wave. I even felt warmer.

DSC_04322017 Dec 29DSC_0429DSC_04342017 Dec 29

December 28, 2017

Stella Calls Off Morning Walk

By 8:30am it wasn't much warmer than yesterday morning but I had two bloodhounds with cabin fever and Sadie had been pacing inside the house every waking hour since yesterday. We didn't walk at all yesterday because the temperatures never increased enough. I decided we would try it this morning and I'd let the hounds decide if it was too cold or not. It was 10° and wind chill -2 with no wind.

Stella Says It's Too Cold

We tried the morning walk this morning around 8:30am. I thought it was still too cold but I had one sleeping basset hound and two bloodhounds with a bad case of cabin fever. So we tried it and it wasn't long that Stella was showing me, with a raised rear paw, that it was still too cold. She was happy to get back home.


December 27, 2017

Walks Cancelled & Lots Of Old Photos

By the time I sat down to write this post it was 11:30am and the temperature outside was 'up to' 9°.  Consequently there were no early morning hound walks today. Heidi let me know that after her brief trip outside after she woke up, that she would not be leaving her bed of multiple sleeping bags under any circumstances. In the mean time, to come up with a blog post, I decided to post a LOT of OLD PHOTOS from current and past hounds I have had.

All Walks Are Cancelled Today

Getting up a little before 8am I could tell it was colder than normal outside. Every storm window was covered in ice. By 10:30am when I opened the kitchen door to let Stella and Sadie outside to relieve themselves, we saw the storm door frozen as well as the handle.

It was 3°

They did not stay out long ... and Heidi tells me there is no chance that she will leave her bed of sleeping bags today.

2017 Dec 272017 Dec 27DSC_0397

December 26, 2017

Stella Resumes Her Walking

Everything outside looked freezing cold this morning and it was. It was a few degrees colder than yesterday so I was interested in seeing what Stella would do this morning. We took a walk yesterday afternoon a little after 4pm and 3° warmer and she completed the walk with no issues. I am guessing she may have picked up some frozen snow between her toes yesterday morning and that made her turn around.

The Hounds Inspect The Frozen Tundra

Evidently Stella may have had a piece of frozen snow between her paws yesterday when she turned around and went home soon after we started. She did the afternoon walk with no problems. This morning being a few degrees colder than yesterday, she stayed in the field while Sadie and I did the walk. Heidi refuses to come out from her Marmot sleeping bag.

2017 Dec 26

December 25, 2017

It's Too Cold For Stella - She Turns Around

Yes, it was cold, freezing cold but nothing we had not walked in before. Two of three weather apps were telling us it was 19° and a wind chill of 12-15°. Only Weatherbug was saying it was colder with a wind chill of 5°. The bloodhounds are built for cold weather, Heidi is not. So while she was buried in her Marmot sleeping bag, the bloodhounds and I took off for a walk on the 'frozen tundra'.

Stella Turns Around On Her Own -- Too Cold

It was too cold for Stella this morning. Without a word spoken, she stopped to try raising her rear paw ... turned around and walked slowly home. Sadie and I followed her back to the house to let her inside. With Sadie hopping up and down to go walk, we turned around at the door to start the walk again. Sadie went out to have some fun on her morning walk in 19° and a wind chill of 2°.


December 24, 2017

Hounds Declare It A White Christmas

After my lunchtime drive on dry roads and overcast skies, I came home with intentions of putting on my car cover before the snow arrived. I was busy doing other things inside and forgot to check the weather outside. By the time I looked it was too late. No problem. I have a feeling the original owner parked this car outside all the time in northern Illinois. The hounds took me outside for walk through after the first 30 minutes of snow ... they needed to go out and have some fun.

The Snow Has Arrived

As predicted it started snowing mid-afternoon. It is coming down pretty hard and should have no problem having the 1-3". In the meantime the bloodhounds left Heidi back on the couch as they inspected the field. They are declaring it a 'white Christmas'.


Hounds Expect Snow Later Today

With the ground not quite frozen and still very saturated, no wind and snow predicted, we took off this morning about an hour later than we normally do. I was up past 2am doing App updates and running Bitdefender during my 6 hour period of free data. Bitdefender is an Apple App that looks for malware and viruses. The hounds were nice enough to let me get an extra hour of sleep. Yet, the walk today was just a little different but with no major surprises to write about.

Sadie's Christmas Eve Run

Sadie did a lot of nose exploration this morning but with perfect temps and no wind, she got in her morning run. With snow predicted for later this afternoon, that might mean another blog post and more photos later today.

2017 Dec 24

December 23, 2017

The Hounds Check Out The Snow

For once the weatherman was right last night. It rained a lot over night and by the time we hit the field for the first walk of the day, water was coming up the sides of my hiking boots with each step, plus it was freezing cold. Snow showers were suppose to start about the time we went outside.

First Snow This Winter

Just like the forecast stated last night on tv, it would snow a little but wouldn't last. The hounds had to check it out anyway. This is the truth ... 10 minutes after Heidi went outside the snow stopped and melted into the ground. There was no evidence of snow by the time she came back inside.


December 22, 2017

Hounds Enjoy Their Last Warm Winter Day

After weeks of hiding inside, only coming outside long enough to relieve herself ... yesterday the weather was so nice that Heidi came outside and stayed outside. She enjoyed herself. She doesn't know it yet but as soon as this post is published she is headed to the bath tub for a warm bath and a manicure afterward.

Heidi Makes An Appearance

The weather was so nice yesterday that Heidi had no choice. She had to come off the couch, out from under her blankets and get some fresh air. She put her nose to the ground and inspected a lap around the house. She needed more so she covered the property line to the south. She looked like she was enjoying herself.

Will she enjoy her warm bath and manicure today?


December 21, 2017

Sunny Skies And High Temps

We started later this morning, so the sky was bright with sunshine and with heavy frost below my boots. I couldn't believe I was seeing a high of 54° today on Wunderground and only 4 days before Christmas. We will enjoy another day of 56° before it turns cold on Monday. I like winters like this.

Two Different Hound Theories


While Sadie did her normal tracking of scent from the start to the very end of the walk, Stella decided she wanted none of that and was on her own walk.

December 20, 2017

Sadie Couldn't Wait For First Walk

Like I said the other day, the hounds are still on Daylight Savings Time for the spring and summer. They failed to change their inner clocks in November. That means they want to take walks earlier, howl and bark for their meals earlier, then wake up earlier. Sadie was whining for her first walk of the day and it was still dark this morning.

December 18, 2017

The Hounds Start Monday Early

Little did I know when I snuck up behind Heidi on Saturday that I would be 'out of commission' on Sunday. She was doing her lap around the house in great weather on Saturday when I took these first two pictures. That small amount of sunshine can definitely make a winter day feel much different and is always welcomed.

Up & Out Early This Morning

They woke up earlier than normal and had to wait for daybreak before they could take me on our walk. I used the flash the first two pictures and and should have continued to use it. Too dark and unsteady hands led to a little blurriness this morning.

December 16, 2017

Hounds Work In Tandem

Heavy frost met us in the field this morning. We are suppose to climb 15° and get near 50° by late afternoon. I don't have a lot of photos this morning because about half of them turned out too blurry to post. I changed my setting back to 'auto focus' later in the walk. Stella kept up with Sadie most of the first part of the walk on her own ... but it was normal routine after she turned the corner.

December 15, 2017

The Hounds Are Back After A Day Off

That glimmer of sunshine this morning proved to me that yesterday's post was missing not because of writer's block but overcast skies. It has been hard to come up with words lately, so yesterday after I deleted what I has written and saved, I just thought it was because of lack of words. It was the sunshine or lack thereof.

December 14, 2017

Hound Noses To The Ground

2017 Dec 17 
Noses to the ground was the theme of this morning walk. They each had their own freedom to do what they wanted. We all gradually made it back to the house at the same time.

December 13, 2017

Another Morning Hound Walk

The pace has been fast and furious since we are getting use to cold weather every day. I hate talking about weather but it's a big factor in what we do. It's early in the winter and the Bloodhounds are already showing signs of 'cabin fever'. We still get our two walks in per day as a minimum ... Except Heidi.

Heidi's Winter Aerobics


She tested the outside temps after lunch, did an immediate turn and headed back inside. Finally after some coaxing around 9pm, she went outside to relieve herself. This is her normal winter activity ... no reason to be alarmed.

December 12, 2017

Heidi's Winter Hibernation

It's nothing out of the ordinary for Heidi. I've seen it for 6 winters now. She moves into the deeper winter hibernation as the temps get colder outside. It's like those hibernations you read about bears. Probably the only difference is, she gets fed 2x per day and she is the most active before and after those meals. Today was no different with a wind chill of 14° outside at 10am ... it wasn't even close to her temperature threshold of 70°