October 17, 2017

Voting Was Unanimous 3-0

Not only did Stella cast her vote but so did Sadie and Heidi ... although there was no eating of dirt prior to voting for them. Soon after lunch all three hounds hung out around the FJ discussing how then were going to tell me that 'they' run this blog, that I am only the typist and photographer. It kind of reminded me of my working days were people hung out in the coffee lounge discussing various things.

October 16, 2017

Some Early Humor, Ranting and Rambling

I'll warn you, with cold temps, severe right jaw pain worse than any toothache, 2 cups of strong coffee and little sleep after doing the latest macOS beta update starting after 2am when I get 'free' data of an extra 50Gb per month added to the 20Gb I pay for ... I am feeling a little ornery this morning ... so be ready.

As you can see once the inside of the house temperature dropped below 70°, in fact getting down to 64° since I left the windows open last night ... Heidi requested she be covered up with her favorite Mexican blanket before Sadie, Stella and I took off for our morning at with fog and 46° outside.

October 15, 2017

As Usual Sadie Wins

They proved once again they know what to do before the rains come and delay their harvest by a week or more until the fields dry out. I had started my 'thorough' detailed house cleaning Saturday morning to burn off some nervous energy I had for the football game kicking off at noon. The farmers had moved their equipment into position sometime Friday night. With a chance of rain today they were going to finish picking the back half of the cornfield that they replanted in May after the flooded area dried.

October 13, 2017

The Hounds Changed Their Strategy Today

With the upper right corner of my computer monitor showing me it's already Friday, I have only 7.5 hours to get anything finished today before my life stops for another weekend college football marathon. Throw in the MLB playoff games, and the NFL games, the hound walks between games or at halftimes, eat a little ... there isn't much time for sleep or house cleaning until early next week. The hounds never are pressed for time ... ever.

October 12, 2017

Stella Runs Away Further Than Ever

Tonight I thought I'd be writing about about our morning walk plus a few photos of the lunch break for the hounds ... one of the times that Heidi makes an outdoor appearance and a chance to photograph her ... but the afternoon walk went beyond distances we had ever traveled ... at least the three of us. Stella took off running and didn't come back ... until Sadie and I finally caught up with her.

Stella Had Her Best Day Yesterday

First of all ... to all the people that follow this blog "by email", getting new emails in your inbox each time I make a new post ... I APOLOGIZE !! One of those 'followers' emailed me yesterday to let me know that she had 56 new 'blogger emails' in her inbox for some reason ... finding out as she opened them plus reading my Tuesday blog post where I said I had gone back into my files and added 'old' post to fill in the blog date gap from August 2 - October 8.

October 10, 2017

Heidi Stops The Rain !!

Heidi refused after lunch to go outside which is normal procedure anytime the hounds have a meal. The rain was light at that time but she knew what she was doing. She jumped off the couch around 5pm when I announced to her that Sadie, Stella and I were going for a walk ... the sun was out. 

Day On Hold Due To Storms

Waking up to thunder, lightning and rain it was still hard to have Sadie understand that the morning walk is cancelled and most likely the afternoon walk as well. She made a gallant effort to change my mind but soon after her short trip out in the rain to pee after her lunch, she came inside and jumped up into the large leather chair with the ottoman ... her normal sleeping spot during the day.

October 9, 2017

Retirement Works Even In Bad Weather

As a warning today, there will be some 'rambling' in this morning's post. This post IS LONG. I'm sure after a month or so of not blogging publicly there are some things to catch up on. Yet the way my brain is lately, not everything will be remembered at the same time to post so they might be scattered over the next few days. Sadie and Stella must have figured out they were back in their infamous limelights ... They did some things yesterday afternoon and this morning they had not done in months.

October 8, 2017

We Are Back To Blogging Publicly

I cannot really go into why we are back blogging publicly since it's too in depth to explain, would take too many pages and I still might not have all the answers to the question 'why' ... but here we are back to blogging publicly with plans to continue. I am not sure about the frequency though but this is a start. I will say before I get started that all the hounds are doing fantastic and I think you will see that Sadie has not changed, Stella has gained all of her lost weight back as has Heidi. These photos were taken this morning, and Heidi's were taken in the past 10 days as she prepares for wintertime hibernation.

October 5, 2017

It Will Be A Wet Apple Festival

The raindrops started hitting the leaves outside of my bedroom window around 3am. It wasn't a heavy rain but a constant light rain. I finally fell asleep at 4am with no plans of getting up at 8am to feed the hounds. They would get breakfast when I woke up a little after 10am. It was still raining lightly but all three hounds went outside for their first bathroom break of the day. Apple Festival starts tomorrow night thru the parade on Sunday ... it is suppose to rain all weekend.

October 2, 2017

Monday Morning Rambling

Stella took the lead of the walk this morning. I was going to let her do her own thing this morning ... and she did. It's a nice way to start the week, where at times she will have a different routine. There will be a slight change to my schedule this week since MLB playoffs are on almost every day and by the end of the week will mix in with College Football.

September 30, 2017

Stella RUNS !!!

It was 53° at 10am when we headed out for our walk. Sadie took off running immediately and after Stella ate some wet morning grass, she came running around me to catch up with Sadie. Each day she is looking more and more like her old self. By the way she acts I can see she is feeling better. It's Football Saturday but another beautiful fall day on the last day of September.

September 25, 2017

Downtown Street and Highway Resurfacing

After a summer where they backed up traffic west of town for many miles while they installed the 'mysterious' one lane 4' retangle about every 10' ... within the past two weeks they have dug up and graded the work done this summer, to look like this, preparing to lay new asphault ... AGAIN.

September 21, 2017

Hot and Muggy Early

Stella continues her new routine ... walking north, scouting the middle of the field and then gradually walk over to our path trotting around the first corner. I'm fine with that as long as I don't have to walk her direction to get her. I could feel the heat last night at 11pm with the bedroom windows open, trying to sleep. This morning as we started our walk after 9:30am, the humidity was already thick.

September 20, 2017

Feeling Better Equals More Activity

Stella tried to yesterday but succeeded today ... she headed out on the walk her way. Instead of walking straight out into the field with Sadie and I, she walks along the house north, up the slight hill and heads for the property line pole. She looked at me once when I yelled her name but continued on her way. I had a feeling she would curl toward us and join Sadie and I. She did.

September 14, 2017

Hound Photos Of Their Day

I thought I'd list nothing but photos on this post ... similar to what I did last winter on my Wordpress blog.

September 8, 2017

Binge Watching Dexter

Wednesday afternoon I decided to start binge watching Dexter. I've been up watching show after show until 4am for the past two nights. I sit here Friday at noon with no food except some salad left.I had plans of grocery shopping on Friday's right after the morning hound walk ... but I am fighting off the urges to get back on the couch and turn on Dexter. I am one DVD away from finishing Season 3 ... there were 8 seasons to the show.

September 5, 2017

A New Week Of Great Weather

Yesterday it reached 94° and today we are looking at highs in the low 70's for the next 10 days. Fantastic weather!!! So all the windows are open, nice breeze and our late morning walk had no humidity and no mosquitoes. I cannot imagine this weather for the next 2-3 months. Will it ever get above 85° again?

September 2, 2017

Football Season Is Here !!!!

Today will be the first full day and night of 2017 college football, starting at noon. I'll be watching football all day and through the late night hours. Last night after midnight I bought gas for the FJ and then headed to Walmart for a weeks worth of groceries. So I am set, yet I don't have a lot of 'snack' food for the games. Times have changed a LOT from a few years ago on Saturdays, which were full fledged overeating.

September 1, 2017

Cold Enough For Jeans

By mid-afternoon the inside house temperature was 68°, with a slight breeze and all the windows open. I decided to change from shorts to jeans because it was that cold and was getting uncomfortable . Monday it will be back in the mid 80's for a high. It was a lazy afternoon with a long phone call from a friend, some pasta, a hound walk and a siesta.

It's hard to believe the trees are shedding their leaves already. I think raking leaves may be one of the things I like least to do. I'll rake them multiple times and might burn them in the middle of the driveway again instead of raking all of them up top.

I can't remember the exact year I cut these shrubs down. I had to be have been around 2012 or 2013, after idiot Mike burnt them to the point that they didn't grow back. The thing is, I cut them to ground level. I have lost that much ground in the last 4-5 years due to bank erosion.

All of this tall ragweed will die, turn brown and be dry enough to burn in a few months if not next April.

Stella doesn't like 'wandering' the field but she likes to find deer scat to eat. That is all she does anymore and rarely did that the first year I had her.

If it doesn't rain harder tonight, I will be watering these tomorrow. Not quite dead as I see some new blooms. Will they come back next spring or are they one year wonders?

I cannot believe that this area is the nicest part of the yard after being under heavy brush for 16 years.

Heidi made it outside for a camera shoot.

Tonight will be college football with Washington starting in about an hour. There are a few other games going on at the same time. Then Saturday will be a day full of college football.

Life is good today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

August 31, 2017

Feels Like A Friday -- It's Thursday

I guess you can call it my new routine ... normal computer, coffee, morning hound walk ... then 2-egg sandwich with tv news turned on since the hurricane hit SE Texas and then flooding in Houston. Luckily tonight the IU vs OSU game is on at 8pm ... college football is here !!!!

August 30, 2017

Today Was Productive

I didn't know it this morning when we headed out for our walk, but today turned out to be very productive with dishes finished, house vacuumed, laundry done, shower and shave. I'll dust a little tonight and might wash walls tomorrow. We still got two hounds walks in and almost a third.

August 29, 2017

Heidi Went On A Walk Today

Today started like all the others. It's hard to blog when my days rarely change and I am not going to start looking for things to do or pictures to take just to blog. I cannot complain about the weather, especially after see all the people in the SE Texas area. It's just hard to imagine where all those people will go and how much they have lost due to the Hurricane and floods.

Stella's Condition Update

It's been about 6 months since Stella started losing a lot of weight, getting down to 65 pounds in April. Since that time she has gained some weight but could gain more. Kelly commented on the public blog a few weeks ago that she thought Stella looked good. Stella's energy is normal. Her water intake and appetite have never changed ... they are normal.

August 28, 2017

Stella Is Not A Hunter

The bloodhound breed is used for different kinds of tracking. Some are trained to track missing people, criminals attempting to get away or finding deer that have been shot and need to be retrieved. In Stella's case she would never be able to walk with deer hunters and help them find their deer ... because she fears the sound of gunshots.

August 27, 2017

A Deer The Hounds Never Saw

After Saturday's 'excitement' with Stella it would be hard to imagine something out of the ordinary happening on the Sunday morning walk. I was still going to let Stella run free but if needed, I would be 'herding' her in our direction and not letting her stay behind on her own.

August 26, 2017

Stella Disappears

I was going to blog about Stella's disappearance on the public blog up until the time I downloaded the pictures into my iMac. I did not blog about her disappearance before, when she did this exact same thing last spring. I had to ask myself why blog about it? Am I just wanting to generate blog traffic? Am I wanting to see what kind of response I get or the comments it receives? Why am I blogging every day publicly anyway? So ... I came here to document the disappearance.

August 24, 2017

Sadie And Stella Run Away

This morning's walk started out like all other daily walks. When they took off running I didn't realize they would not stop and run out of sight. Evidently we had just missed deer in the field.

August 23, 2017

Deer Sighting

The weather forecasts were correct, it was 60° this morning as we started our morning walk. As I write this a little before 10am, it's 64° and hard to believe for August weather in this location. It will take all day to get up to 79° but that is still cool enough for the hounds to get 3 walks in today ... hopefully Heidi was join us.

August 22, 2017

Hounds Will Deal With Rain Today

I guess with all the eclipse excitement yesterday someone is allowed to yawn while they do their morning stroll. Or was it that I had a different sleep schedule last night, where the hounds moved from the living room to their bedroom spots around 5am. I'll get to that story later. In the meantime they just finished their morning walk this morning five minutes before it started raining.

August 21, 2017

The Full Eclipse in 2017

The max time for the eclipse where I live was between 2:21pm - 2:28pm. These photos were taken during that time period while sitting in a chair on the backside of the house facing east. Any photos of across the highway were taken from the carport or just a step outside because the sun was right above the Sycamore tree and I had NO eye protection from the eclipse.

Hounds Prepare For The Eclipse

Stella decided this morning she would attempt her escape from the time she stepped into the backyard. While Sadie and I walked out to the path I did not realize that Stella was walking north, across the yard and out into field, the furthest point from us. Was she getting 'vibes' from the eclipse this early?

Get Detailed Eclipse News Here

I just found this link today ... scroll down and type in your zip code for detailed eclipse information for your location.

Click Here

August 20, 2017

Another Afternoon Of Sleep

After the hounds had lunch at 12:15pm, we all went outside as usual. It didn't feel that hot but it was muggy enough that I knew I didn't want to spend too much time outside. I needed to water the bank by the corner of the house with rain in the forecast only once in the next ten days.

Heidi Enjoys Hot Weather

While I was doing some mid afternoon watering Heidi decided she would soak up some of that 90° sunshine. Once I turned the garden hose off she sprinted for the house ... that was enough time outside for her.

We Continue To Hibernate

With the "Feels Like" temp above 90° before noon again today, our plans will not be any different from the past week. We do anything we need outside before 9:30am and our 2nd walk of the day occurs after 6pm. All the hounds agree with that while Heidi refuses to leave the air conditioning inside the house.

August 19, 2017

A Normal Saturday Morning

This morning started no different than the other 6 mornings of the week. I'll not list the routine since it has been listed before. I always have plans the night before for the next day but they rarely happen. Today I hope to drive down and spend some time at Lake Greenwood. I need to get out of the house more often then I do.

Summer Is Ending

As it happens every August, plants, crops, flowers change and show the end of summer is near. The bees and butterflies disappear until next year. I caught a couple of insects in these photos that I did not see when I took the picture of the flowers. It was cool this morning but will be hot today and hotter tomorrow. Will September be our "payback" month and be hotter than normal?

August 18, 2017

It's Friday !!!

As if it makes any difference ... it's Friday. Years ago this use to be one of my favorite days of the week. Work was usually slow every other Friday since a lot of the government workers had the day off. I think today is one of those days because traffic is lighter than normal today. Not much planned today, just to enjoy the weather.

Not A Lot Of Hound Activity

I am not sure if it was the "muggy" feeling outside or the August average temperature that zapped the hounds this week ... they had less energy than I did. Heidi has all but disappeared for social life and being photographed. The bloodhounds and I have still been able to squeeze in a couple of walks per day. With college football only two weeks away, things are looking up here in 'the tropics'.

August 16, 2017

It's HOT This Morning !!

We got a late start this morning ... 10am. I glanced to the carport thermometer ... 85° and muggy. I almost didn't take my camera this morning, thinking the light would be better this afternoon. I also didn't (don't) feel like blogging publicly today. It was a good walk, Stella never moved.

August 15, 2017

The Hounds Adjust To Hotter Weather

Those cool August temps were nice while they lasted. This week we are headed back to the normal high 80's. Therefore all three hounds made some adjustments to their schedules yesterday. Heidi slept more than ever. Sadie didn't bother me for an afternoon walk until early evening and both bloodhounds found the kitchen tile to be the coolest place to sleep the afternoon away.