February 25, 2018

When It Rains It Pours

When I posted last it was in between thunderstorms and today it is after a week where the majority of days and nights were nothing but rain. It shows we have a few days to absorb all of the water before it starts again. I wonder if there will be any dry days in between storms this spring to mow the lawn or should I just let it go.

No matter what the weather is or was ... I have to admit my interest in blogging is waning daily.

February 16, 2018

The Hounds Put Their Rain Boots On

After two days and nights of a lot of rain, you'll see some standing water behind Stella as we started our walk this morning. As we moved to the back of the field the 'pond' increased in size. None of that bothered Sadie of course ... to her, it's the field and it's time to track scent.

February 15, 2018

It's Warm Again !!!

It might be a little wet but at least it's warm again. 57° never felt so warm. Back to a jacket and ball cap and ready for afternoon thunderstorms.

February 12, 2018

We Are Still Around

We are all still around. Doing nothing out of the ordinary daily routine.

Sadie Loves This Field

From tracking new scent every morning and afternoon ... to getting her sprints and running in ... Sadie loves this field. If she had her way, there would be 4-5 walks per day instead of the normal 2-3.


February 3, 2018

The Bloodhounds Love Morning Walks

Sadie and Stella react in different ways while I put on my jacket and gloves to stay warm during the walks. Stella nudges my hand with her nose, Sadie whines and bounces on her rear legs non-stop in excitement. They also differ in what kinds of walks they take ... these  photos are from this morning.

February 2, 2018

The Hound's Slow Friday

With Sadie whining ... Stella nudging me with her nose ... I could tell I was going to head out for our morning walk before I wanted to. I wanted to wait an hour or two for the temperature to increase from 16° and a wind chill of 0° ... but the hounds always get their way. We were off.

Bloodhound Speed

No need for words ... the pictures tell the story.


February 1, 2018

The Hounds Are Ahead Of Schedule

The weather was so nice yesterday that we ended up taking a total of 3 walks, the last one with Stella on the retractable leash. It might just me but with warmer weather I am seeing more of these deer hoof prints than I normally do. That may be the reason for Sadie's obsession of wanting to go outside all of the time recently.

Bloodhounds Start Early

All of the hounds were surprised to have their breakfast kibble served earlier than normal. Their first trip outside before the meal and after waking up was in the dark. Yet, they did not hesitate to chow down once they came back inside. A short nap, and an early walk just after 8am. Same routine as this week ... Sadie tracked scent, Stella stayed behind in her own world.