October 31, 2018

The Rain Halts Stella's Enthusiasm

We woke up to the sound of hard rain this morning. By the way things looked it had been raining all night. Checking the weather app on my phone and then Wunderground I was seeing 100% chance of rain every hour until tomorrow around noon. Stella doesn't like the rain so it should be an interesting 24 hours to get her out in the yard or field to relieve herself. She will eventually go but on her terms.

October 30, 2018

I'm Stuck In The Land Of Laziness

With a forecast of a possible high of 70° today, Heidi was thinking it might have to hurry up to get that high by the way it felt a little after 10am. It was the coldest 58° she had felt and she wasn't sure what she was doing outside when the only reason she was barking nonstop inside was for lunch to be served. Lunch kibble at 10:15am is just a little too early. She stayed and explored the yard while Stella and I did our morning walk.

October 29, 2018

Stella Seems Back To Normal

For the second morning in a row Stella is acting normal. She has no signs of of pain getting up and down off the couch or the bed. She likes to take afternoon siestas in the middle of my bed, especially with direct sunlight through the windows. She stays there when I am away from the house on trips or shopping. She ran a little on this morning's walk, where it was a cold 38°. It's a busy day today so a lot of photos and little content.

October 28, 2018

Stella Yelps In Pain

We had just finished our afternoon walk on Saturday when Stella stopped in the north part of the backyard, normal for her. I had not noticed anything different than other afternoon walks where she walks slower than she does in the mornings. Nor had I heard anything up to that time during the day. As I rubbed the top of her lower back on top near her left hip, she let out a loud yelp ... then started wagging her tail a little. I thought that was strange but she is taking hip/joint supplements and has shown signs in the past that her hips bother her at times.

October 27, 2018

Stella On Her Own This Morning

It was time and I needed some kind of change on this daily morning walk with Stella. Plus I was curios what she would do. I decided before I went outside that this morning I would let Stella do what she wanted, go where she wanted AFTER she took one step into the field. That was my only requirement for this adventure. With no wind, the cool temps felt great and we proceeded through the wet field after a night of rain.

October 26, 2018

Heidi Battles The Rain

2018 Oct 26

Whereas Stella the bloodhound refuses to even try going into the yard, Heidi figured out years ago if she would stay as close to the house as possible she would stay dry. She relieved herself out in the front yard but sprinted back to the house under the overhang. Who says that basset hounds rank low in the intelligence ranking of the AKC ??  LOL

Stella Doesn't Like Rain - Neither Does Heidi

The forecast showed the rain would start after we turned off the lights for the night. Later I could see the reflection of a wet highway as I stood in the middle of the dark kitchen drinking ice water. When I opened the door for the first time to let the hounds outside, I could hear it but couldn't see it. Hours later, almost 11am, it was the same ... light rain ... nonstop.

October 25, 2018

Stella's Thursday Morning Walk

Following my blog policy I mentioned the other day of "blogging when I feel like it" ... here is a morning post about Stella's walk. I received a photo article in my Feedly account this morning about Nikon AutoFocus. I found some adjustments I could make on my camera from that article. I only did one but it was not mentioned in the article but found as I was looking through my camera setup for something else. It had a setting for telephoto lenses, which I used at all times, the Tamron 18-200mm.

October 24, 2018

The Hounds Enjoying This Fall Weather

The last three to four days Heidi will walk to the door to let me know she wants to go outside. Yesterday I took these first three photos from inside the kitchen window through the screen. I didn't want to walk outside and have her decide to move. She has always liked sitting under the sunshine and many times will sit out there an hour and more. Sometimes she will do this while Stella and I take our afternoon walks. It's not in the 60's today but nice enough to be outside.

Heidi Enjoying The Sunshine


The last few days Heidi has been going to the door to be let outside between 2pm and 3pm. She will not go far. She finds a good spot to feel the warm sunshine. The first three photos I took yesterday through the screen window from inside.

October 22, 2018

The Hounds Thought I Was Late Serving Lunch

It wasn't the time of day that threw the hounds off their inner clocks, it was an activity. They thought I was too late in feeding them lunch kibble. That usually happens between 11:30am to noon. Today they were not wanting to be fed because they were hungry nor because it was 11:30am. I had the yard mowed by 10:30am, an activity that usually happens either lunch time or late afternoon. Once that mower shut off ... they thought it was time to eat. While Heidi barked non-stop ....

October 21, 2018

Some Sunday Morning Rambling

I am writing this post this morning from the comfort of the laptop sitting at the kitchen table. This is where I have the best view outside with the large picture window looking out across the highway to the two fields. That Southwest direction also gives me a good idea what the weather will be like for the day and shows me storms before they arrive. This morning it was 27° as Stella and I stepped outside. High winds last night from the West-Northwest just as forecasted. Stella was positive there was some kind of visitor last night around that area ... she wouldn't leave.

October 19, 2018

Stella Starts Her Day Earlier Than Normal

While I was taking this second photo from the corner of the house like I do every morning, Stella was already starting her walk without me. Not only was she starting on her own but today she was sitting at the entry to the computer room, wagging her tail and whining to go on her walk ... an hour early. It was barely past 8am and my second cup of coffee wasn't halfway finished. I set the camera to 'auto flash' and I think that may have made a difference today in this morning's photos.

October 18, 2018

Stella Likes The Colder Weather - Heidi Doesn't

I dressed the same this morning for cold weather. The carport thermometer said 40° but it felt colder as I stepped outside. When I left Heidi she was sound to sleep with no intentions of waking up or getting up until it was close to lunch time. Stella came into the computer room to whine again, letting me know it was time for the morning walk. I was still editing yesterday's post and the more time I took the more she whined. We started the walk only about 10 minutes later than we did yesterday.

October 17, 2018

The Hounds Still Making Small Changes

{This morning, Thursday, I re-read this post and was astounded to see so many misspelled words and poor grammar. I corrected what I could find and rewrote some sentences. I always proof read the post before publishing it but it's obvious I have not even done a good job of that. I'll try to improve.}
Changes happen to all of us when the seasons change or they decide we need to turn our clocks back or forward. It stays darker longer in the mornings thus the hounds wake up earlier instead of later. (strange) The two feeding times are the same and rarely change. Yet, I have noticed some small changes in Stella and Heidi since Sadie is gone plus Heidi's teeth extractions. Nothing bad but interesting.

Heidi Thought Summer Returned


When the temps hit 60° early afternoon, Heidi thought summer had returned. Even though it was a little below her 75° threshold, she found time to enjoy the warm sunshine.

October 16, 2018

Stella Is Out Below 40°

I had just started my second cup of coffee when I heard Stella whining, sitting looking at me wagging her tail. It was still 36° outside and I wasn't ready yet to walk through the wet field for the first time this fall in temperatures in the 30's. She wanted to go for a walk.

October 15, 2018

Bloodhound Now Whining To Go On Walk

Stella was ready to go this morning for her walk. It had been raining some overnight but had stopped just in time for me to have a couple of cups of coffee, and breakfast for the hounds. By the time I was ready and stepped into the backyard Stella had started the walk and was in the exploration mode. She seems to be exploring more and more lately.

Basset Hound Speed

2018 Oct 15

Heidi took off sprinting this afternoon after I called her name from a different side of the yard. She did not see me standing out by the field, she must have thought I was calling her name from the door. She went back to the same area as a few weeks ago. I am thinking the "middle of the night" cat has been hanging out in that corner while Heidi sleeps.

October 14, 2018

PNW Weather Hit's "The Tropics"

While sitting outside this morning enjoying my first cup of coffee, the weather reminded me of those when I lived on Whidbey Island NW of Seattle. It was mid 40's, light misty rain and signs it had been raining during the night. Besides being in Indiana and not Washington, the other difference was ... zero wind here. Both Heidi and Stella were back to sleep since they finished their breakfast and I wasn't sure at that time if any walks would be taken today. Rain was in the forecast for most of the day.

October 13, 2018

Hounds Have A Lazy Saturday

Waking up to 37° was a little different than the normal Saturday routine. It didn't take Heidi long to decided all she was going to do was eat breakfast and go right back to bed until lunch. Her theory is nothing good happens below 65°. While she was in a deep sleep, Stella and I took off for our morning walk. It was cold. It made me think we might skip fall just like we skipped spring and move right into winter.

By the time I reached the yard, Stella was already out in the field eating her wet grass and waiting for me to catch up.

October 12, 2018

Heidi Goes In Field Stella Escapes

It is not often I have enough to say and enough photos to put a blog post together 24 hours before it's published. This will be one of those rare posts and it all happened because of the shocking "historic event" of Heidi taking a walk with Stella and I in the field yesterday afternoon. I was so curious that I scrolled through her photos album and found out the last walk she took in the field was April 20, 2018 ... last spring.

October 11, 2018

Cold Temps & Two Surprises

 The problem for some trying to make comments has been fixed. I guess Google/Blogger decided to change a setting blocking most readers from commenting. I've corrected the setting so it should work.

A HUGE surprise at the end of this post!!!

I don't know if it is the cold weather (51°) this morning or Stella just decided to feel overcome with energy. For the first time in over a year, maybe close to two, Stella was running full spend and as fast as she could. We are on pill short of 60 day having joint/hip supplements so they must be working.

We stepped outside a little past 9am for our walk. The field was not saturated with heavy dew like most past mornings. Wunderground Weather said it was 51°, the carport thermometer said it was a warm 58°. Either way that is a lot different than the mid 70's I saw just a few days ago at the time time of morning.

Heidi Takes An Afternoon Walk !!


It had been so long since Heidi walked in the field, I actually went back and scrolled through her photos folder to see when that was. April 20, 2018, almost 6 months ago. Today I wasn't surprised when she headed outside with us but I was very curious when she made the left turn into the backyard with Stella and I.

She walked into the yard, stopped and sniffed the air toward the field, then marched on. It was a huge shock to see her not only walking in the field but not lagging behind on her own. At times she was leading the walk.

This is such "a historic event" that I have posted 33 photos of her from start to finish and still did not post all of them. Enjoy ...

Stella Decides To Run This Morning

It's been over a year since I have seen Stella run as much as she did this morning and faster than ever. We are only one pill shy of 60 days of hip/joint supplement that I started giving her in the morning with her morning kibble. Or it might have been the 51° temperature that energized her. With cooler temps you can guess where Heidi is.

October 10, 2018

Vet Gives Stella An A+

With an 11am vet appointment for Stella today, we were able to fit our morning walk between a light rain and our departure. As you will see from the photos, Stella's walk was more of a leisurely stroll  than anything else. It was 69°, all the house windows were open again and the AC was turned off. All of that did not mean that Heidi would take the morning walk with us, she didn't.

October 9, 2018

Stella Has Changed Since Sadie Is Gone


Stella's changes have been subtle since Sadie left us on September 15th. Yet, they have been noticeable. There is nothing that she is doing bad or getting into trouble, really the exact opposite. I don't think it is because of Sadie but maybe having a second bloodhound around that made her a little different. Both of them wanted all the attention, get their food first, be the first outside and the biggest ... wandering off next door or out into the field alone while I was busying working outside around the house. Who knows, maybe it was Sadie who got Stella to wander off on her own?

October 8, 2018

A Quiet Holiday Monday

Since retirement I rarely look at a calendar anymore while I use the 'Reminders' program that came with my Apple phone and synchronizes to my computers. At times I also forget what day it is but I knew today was Monday but I did not know why the traffic on the highway in front of the house was so light. I found out it's a holiday with a lot of government workers having the day off. Farmers don't have days off, especially this time of year.

Stella Starts A Quiet Monday

2018 Oct 08

The walks are the same in distance and time, give or take a few seconds. They are in the same field, same path but so much different with just one bloodhound. Stella follows the path in her own slow pace that at times feels like 'one step at a time'. She will have only a couple of more days of hot weather this year as fall temps are just two days away if the weather forecasts are correct. Heidi doesn't go on walks, she sleeps right after her breakfast.

October 7, 2018

Stella Ran More Today

When things don't go as planned you end up picking corn in the dark. I am not sure what the reason was for the delay yesterday afternoon but it turned out to be a very long day for whoever was driving the combine. By the time I returned from Best Buy around 12:45pm today, they had finished picking the corn and were loading the trucks to haul it away. Interesting Best Buy story below. You'll also see that Stella ran more today than yesterday and the past year.

October 6, 2018

Stella Ran Today

It happens in the same spot of the field when Stella moves faster than a trot. Sadie use to sprint to catch up in the same area ... it's on the way back, a long gradual downhill in the middle of the field. Today Stella ran faster than I had seen in years. With the second bottle of hip/joint supplement almost gone maybe the recent activity means her hips are feeling good enough to run. From the sounds of it, the corn and soybean fields across the highway will be combined today. Trucks are there to take it away. Another full day and night of college football. A day off for the MLB Playoffs.

October 5, 2018

Stella Was Energized Today

After getting to bed earlier than normal last night, the hounds and I started our day in the dark before 7am. The days are getting shorter and reminds me of the days I would drive to work in the dark and at times arrive back  home in the dark. Retirement gives a different feel when waking up and making coffee in the dark and the hounds outside for their first trip of the day. I knew when I saw Stella running out of the carport to the left toward the field ... she was energized today.

October 4, 2018

Rain Almost Cancel The Hound's Day

The rains that kept passing us by the past few days started in the middle of the night and was very light by this morning. The mums had been moved from these blocks back inside the carport last night so the windy conditions would not blow them over. As you see, that is not a sign of a lot of rain,  but just enough to keep the hounds and I inside for most of the day.

October 3, 2018

The Hounds Were Low Energy Today

After barely staying awake during the end of the baseball game that was over last night at 1:06am, all of us could have slept in late today. Only Stella decided to jump off the couch in the 8th inning and head to bed on the bed. She had slept through most of the 8 innings anyway. Heidi was in such a deep sleep during the game that I didn't think she would move even after I turned the lights out. Still, we had things to do today so we started it early.

October 2, 2018

Fixing Windows Without Stella's Supervison

With the temperatures back in the high 80's I moved to an indoor project today that actually started yesterday. I have been wanting to work on my windows, something that is really not a repair but more of making them look better and more importantly last longer. With many years of normal wear with condensation build up in the winters that left some stains in the wood, plus a few hounds liked testing the strength of the window sills with their teeth, I had a few 'indentions' I needed to fill. I also wanted to sand the stains out of the wood, then stain where needed and apply some polyurethane.

October 1, 2018

The Hounds Can't Believe It's October

The day may have been shortened with two afternoon MLB baseball games today, but I had a few things I wanted to get finished before they started at 1pm. It's amazing teams can play 162 games in the regular season and have two divisions end in ties for the leader. These games today would decide who was a 'wild card' team Tuesday and who would start on Thursday, not having to play in a one game playoff ... winner take all. I am expecting these soy beans to be picked any day now. I hope it's next week so I can keep the windows closed due to dust and not have temperatures in the mid to high 80's outside.