March 31, 2019

What A Surprise !!!


As I was watching college basketball Saturday night, I glanced out the window to see the largest snow flakes of the winter and possibly the hardest snow of this winter. It was really coming down after a day full of rain. This is normal for this time of year here in 'the tropics' but it was still a surprise. Enough so, that during the next tv commercial I grabbed my camera and headed outside to record the moment.

This same type of snow took place last year on April 16th.

As Stella and I did our Saturday morning walk in a warm 56° I knew by late afternoon the wind was supposed to increase and change from the SW to the NE/N. With that change the temperature would drop into the 40's and overnight lows in the 30's. What the forecast did not tell me, there was a chance for snow.

March 30, 2019

Saturday Morning Showers


A loud roar of thunder and lightning bright enough to light up the bedroom woke me a little after 6am. From what I could tell neither hound moved or sat up in the corner of the bedroom where they share a spot to sleep. I knew that I was not getting up that early again today and was back to sleep in seconds. Would our morning walk be rained out ??

March 29, 2019

The Hounds Start Off Strange

2019 Mar 29

As I start writing this morning the day is a little over 3 hours old for us. Stella was determined to wake my up in the dark as her whine was the loudest I had ever heard as I tried to comprehend what was going on. That isn't the strange start that I am speaking about in the post title though. The normal routine is me turning on the light then BOTH hounds run to the door to be let outside because they know that as they are reliving themselves I am pouring their breakfast kibble into their bowls.

March 28, 2019

Hounds Celebrate MLB Opening Day

2019 Mar 28 
With the temps approaching 70° you would have thought it would have been a sure thing that Heidi would do the pre-game walk this afternoon but that wasn't the case. While the Yankees game was on tv, the hounds slept, resting for the 4:10pm Reds start time. She sat down in the yard and by the time Stella and I returned, she was in her favorite place eating freshly grown grass on the south edge of the yard.

Stella Roams Her Own Route

2019 Mar 28

At first it looked like rain was just a few minutes away when we woke up but I wasn't doing anything before I had my daily two cups of coffee. Especially since it was a brand new bag of Seattle's Best Coffee Portside Blend. It really is better than Starbuck's Coffee. So where did the sun come from?

March 27, 2019

Heidi Enjoys The Sunshine

Version 2

It looked like the normal afternoon routine this afternoon, which is lunch, a short trip outside and then an afternoon of sleeping. Only today they decided after an hour of sleeping inside they needed to be outside. The sunshine was just right. She passed on the walk today but wandered around the yard while Stella and I took a walk a little after 6pm.

Stella's A Diet Assistant

2019 Mar 27

While Heidi got plenty of rest this morning for a possible walk this afternoon, Stella and I duplicated the start of the morning only she decided this morning I deserved an extra hour of sleep and didn't start her whining to wake me until 6am. She seems to forget at times that I am retired and do not need to get up before the crack of dawn.

March 26, 2019

Heidi Tip Toes In The Field


With the sunshine bright, Heidi didn't hesitate to head to the field once I mentioned we were going for a walk. What she did not realize was the path in that field was still saturated from the rain. She hates getting her paws wet and will do anything not to. She decided the best option was to 'tip toe' every step of the way. It may have been the slowest walk in history of hound walks the past 21 years.

Teasing Us With Spring


With it raining most of the day yesterday there just wasn't any chance of taking an afternoon walk, otherwise all three of us might have floated away while walking the path. Heidi came out late afternoon but only to relieve herself and then headed back inside. The warmer afternoon temperatures are nice but those overnight lows make it quite cold first thing in the morning.

March 25, 2019

Where Did It Go ??

2019 Mar 25

It's not quite 9am. Stella is still sleeping overtime and that's fine since there will be no morning walk this morning. It has rained all night and has continued the first couple of hours we have been awake. It is supposed to stop around 11am so maybe an afternoon walk might be in the plans, late afternoon.

I feel like writing though. Not ranting but writing. I can hear it raining as I do.

March 24, 2019

Heidi's Walk Is Rained Out

2019 Mar 24

It wasn't going to happen today for either hound. It didn't look like that much rain and didn't sound like it was raining hard. When I stepped outside the carport it was coming down harder than I would want to walk in and harder than Stella or Heidi likes. So Heidi's consecutive days record for walking is broken but she still has the consecutive walks streak. In the meantime I've been tired of basketball today. It was on the tv with the sound turned off as I read books. Maybe I'll change the blog theme (design) to have something to do.  :)

Rain Leads Us Down Memory Lane

1993 Oak Harbor WA 1

When it's raining outside and doesn't stop long enough for Stella and I to take our morning walk, I have no other choice but to dip into the photo library archives and see if I can find some photos that you have not seen before. I think I have. These are in no special order and some you might remember from my older blog on Blogger. Other hounds go all the way back to 1991, from Washington, Colorado and then Indiana. I hope you enjoy them.

March 23, 2019

Heidi Walks Back To Back Days


No ... I have no idea where Heidi's sudden burst of energy or motivation has come from. For the first time in eight years she as walked the half mild path through the field two days in a row. These are before and between the college basketball games.

Stella Explores & The D.C Rats

2019 Mar 23

This morning I had the urge to take the Nikon D3200 with me instead of the Canon 9G X and it did not disappoint. Each camera has it's own good features that the other camera doesn't have. I took 68 photos this morning but no fear, I posted only 39 of them here. As you see, Stella was back to "my" normal routine of taking the correct path on the walk. We were off to a good start.

March 22, 2019

Heidi Marches Through March Madness


The hounds stepped outside briefly after their lunch just to check the weather. They took afternoon siestas while I read books and watched basketball games on the split screen. Heidi showed no hesitation heading to the backyard and jumping into the field for her half mile walk. She trotted a little and sniffed scent in a few spots. A great afternoon for all.

A Bloodhound Surprise

2019 Mar 22

Starting this post I have only been up less than two hours but I have seen more change and surprises than I have in a month. What is in store for us today for the rest of the day? Will sitting on the couch duplicating yesterday afternoon and last night be a factor? I can't imagine seeing as much as I did this morning in less than an hour ... I hadn't had my second cup of coffee yet !!!!

It didn't matter the bedroom was filled with bright sunshine. Heidi was on her dog bed in the far corner of the room where the sunshine through the east window streams right on her. I may have had a different schedule this morning but she didn't.

March 21, 2019

Heidi's Short Workout

2019 Mar 21

With 'March Madness' starting today there wasn't much going on around the homestead. I picked up my two books about a plant based diet from the library, plus another off the 'New' shelf. Heidi got in a short workout after her lunch by climbing the steps, dive bombing off the other side. She followed that up with some hill climbing, down the hill and a little trotting to the door.

That dirty bumper you see on the Mini Cooper is from Stella. She feels she either has to go for a ride all the time or inspect all groceries before they are unpacked and brought inside. That dried drool will be harder than hell to clean off.

It's Thursday Morning Rambling !!

Version 2

That little 'puddle' of water in the field always gives me an idea just how wet the field will be when we take our walk. You'd be surprised how accurate it is. As the title says this morning I'll be rambling while you take a look of Stella's
FridayThurday morning walk.

It is what happens during a day of bad weather when I cannot get outside for some fresh oxygen. I'll be covering sports, news, scrambling brain cells thoughts and for those few that like to send me emails ... politics. You always show back up on Politics Day here on the blog.  :)

March 20, 2019

Basset Hound Battles Rain

The light rain did show up about an hour after it was forecasted. It was never heavy rain but enough to prevent us from taking any afternoon walks. I think you will see by the photos each hound had a plan to survive an afternoon of "Seattle Weather", low 40's and light rain. Heidi felt I was keeping the living room a little too cold today so she requested the sleeping bag be brought out to her big leather chair in the living room.

2019 Mar 20

Weather & Food A Factor Today

2019 Mar 20

I forget sometimes that I cannot have great weather every day of the year. Especially when it's springtime in the Midwest or at least approaching spring. It's days like today that will remind me I will be mowing the lawn between rains this spring, just like I have every spring living in this house for the past 21 years. That didn't bother Stella, it was time to go this morning and she let me know.

March 19, 2019

Basset Hound Needs A Day Off

It looked like Heidi was going to take the walk for the 2nd day in a row but it wasn't meant to be. She needed a day off. She hung out in the yard while Stella and I did the walk. For me it was like a "warm down" after cutting small Sassafras's saplings and putting my washed away gravel back on the driveway. That was quite a trench the heavy water washed away last week.

2019 Mar 19

A Perfect Bloodhound Morning

2019 Mar 19

It was a great morning to walk. It was identical weather to yesterday morning, around 31°, and signs of heavy frost melting slowly. No wind is always nice and of course Stella dictated our start time by waking up from her morning after-breakfast-nap and rehydrating herself with nonstop drinking. That always gives me time to get a jacket on, my sock hat and grab my camera.

While I was taking my daily picture of the field across the highway, Stella wasn't waiting for me and she was well on the way of starting her morning walk. She brought a few surprises but one you will not be able to see in the pictures. That is because it involved sounds ... verbal herding ... there wasn't any.  I was SHOCKED and HAPPY !!!

March 18, 2019

Heidi Hikes The Field Again !!!

Same routine as Saturday afternoon. Heidi starts barking wanting outside. I grab a jacket and the camera and off we go. Once she saw Stella head for the yard Heidi turned to follow. For the second time in two days Heidi did the full half mile walk and some tracking along the way. She took the lead sometimes while dropping behind if a scent interested her. What's up with Heidi ??? It's not even 70° yet.


More Changes In Store ??


For the new readers I will warn you, I ALWAYS change my mind on things. ALWAYS. Some changes are good, others are out of curiosity or possible boredom and some have been quite expensive financially. Sometimes the changes are diet related, internet browsers, NEVER computer brand names, and sleep times. I know, not really interesting most likely. Late last night I was wondering if my latest diet change was going to work ... or last.

March 17, 2019

Final Food Decision Is Made

2019 Mar 17

Heidi is NOT recouping from her big walk yesterday, that is just her normal position right after her morning breakfast. You see the word "Final" in the title and I can see you shaking your heads and saying "sure" all the way from my computer desk. I know, I know ... the only thing 'final' in my life will be when I die. Until that time all my decisions are up for change. Yet ... it feels final.

March 16, 2019

Heidi Shocks The World !!!!


I knew something was up when Heidi jumped out of 'her' big leather chair and stood outside the computer room barking. Stella also wanted to go outside. It was a total shock without me asking her if she wanted to walk, she turned and followed Sella and I. Instead of going into the front yard it sure looked like she was going to take a walk with us ... her first in almost a year.

I'll let the photos tell the story. There are twice as many as usual, so I hope you don't have any problems with the blog loading on your device.

Such Weirdness & Food

2019 Mar 16

I apologize for leaving you hanging Friday afternoon. Little did I know when I mentioned in crimson font color around 1:35pm that I was NOT even close to ending that phone call with my friend. We met at college in 1975 and use to have long discussions then about bicycles, bicycle racing and 35mm cameras. So really, long conversations are not new to us in any form. I'll get to my weird Friday but I want to just add a short Saturday update before I get started. The weirdness continues.

March 15, 2019

Decision On Food Still Confusing

Version 2

This is the normal position of Heidi and Stella every night. Stella will start by being curled up like Heidi but each time I get up out of my seat on the couch she will gradually stretch out. It will get to the point that I am sitting right up next to the arm of the couch and have to lift her head to slide into a small spot on the couch. They make the rules.

March 14, 2019

From Storms To Sunshine


When the radio pre-game show was interrupted a little before 12:30pm to let me know there were tornado warnings southwest of my location I would have never guessed that Stella and I would be taking a walk under blue skies and bright sunshine by 4pm, but we did. As you can see there, with the strong wind from the south, it was raining inside my carport. Normal, nothing I haven't seen before in strong thunderstorms.

From Sunshine To Storms


Just like anywhere else in the USA, weather can change in an instant. I know my weather changes from yesterday afternoon to this morning are nothing compared to those having severe weather up in the Dakotas, Montana, and the Central Midwest yesterday. I caught some of the national weather stories last night. My worst weather of the day is not suppose to start until around noon, about the time I tune into my IU game. How will the satellite signal do in high winds and thunderstorm conditions? I am hoping the forecast is wrong.

March 13, 2019

Un*******believable !!!!

A MUST listen .... The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Plus THE PLAN of the "Justice Democrats". Amazing stuff, don't miss it and listen to THE COMPLETE video.

We Prepare For Hot Weather!!!


After a good night of sleep for the hounds they were more than ready to start Wednesday unaware their schedules were a little different since the time change. Things like sleeping an hour later each morning, and that starts the daily walk an hour or so later. One thing they and I enjoy though ... is this great weather the past two days. It is suppose to be 69° by mid-afternoon if you can believe that.

March 12, 2019

A Spring Day Today

DSC_9636 (1)

Six days ago this truck delivered something in the field across the highway. If I remember correctly I guess either ground up corn cobs or something that I cannot remember. Well every day since then, my curiosity kept increasing. It got to the point today that I had to walk over and check it out. With the temps around 50°, the hounds and I spent some time outside enjoying the great weather.

March 11, 2019

Heidi And Stella Get Outside Today


A little after 4pm I was beginning to wonder if Heidi and Stella was going to sleep the whole afternoon away or would they wake up in time to enjoy the 50° afternoon and sunny skies. It was their decision but they sleep every afternoon away, so this is normal.

I Forgot My Age


As some of you know, as you age you cannot eat all the different kinds of food you use to eat. Sometimes it's not the food but the 'combination' of food. I found out Saturday night or Sunday morning after midnight that food choices can ruin a good night of sleep. That leads into a terrible Sunday, although Stella and I got an afternoon walk in and I caught up on my sleep.

March 9, 2019

Lots Of Questions & Opinions Today

2019 Mar 09

It felt so nice this morning not having to bundle up in preparation for freezing wind and cold temps. It felt like a heat wave at 38° and for some strange reason the wind was from the east. Even Stella decided Saturday morning was a great day to start her walk by using the return path. She was not into eating deer scat nor collecting data for her brain cells ... sniffing deer scent was her purpose this morning.

March 8, 2019

It's Life - So What ?

2019 Mar 08

Well it's Friday and it even feels like a Friday if you know what I mean. I don't get that kind of feeling too much since I'm retired, but today just feels a little different I guess. That puts me in the 'rambling' mood. Not so much because it's Friday but I recognize my brain cells are going through one of those periods where they are highly active. I have a lot on my mind, lots of questions and few answers today. So we will see where this goes.

March 7, 2019

Stella Feels The Warmth

2019 Mar 07

Just because the weather has changed for the time being doesn't mean that Heidi changes her daily routine. That will not happen until the temps hit the 70° mark a couple of months from now, most likely. The sound of "mid 30's" seems like a heat wave and a welcomed change even with a 70% chance of a ran/snow mix later this afternoon.

My First Day Without News

I did it in October and I'm going to do it again, otherwise I am heading down the path of insanity. I am no longer going to watch nor read ANY kind of news outside of sports. I have already found out this morning before our morning walk just how much time I was taking to read online news. That didn't count the amount of time I had the tv turned to the news. By the end of Wednesday night I couldn't take anymore.

It was all crap and it didn't matter which side of the political fence you are on.

With my tv remote in hand, I went into my DishNetwork settings and deleted the two news channels from my menu. One of them was a business channel but they would discuss politics when appropriate.

Then I went to my Twitter account and deleted any account I was following outside of sports, plus the tornado account. I went to my Feedly account and repeated the same process. I went into this blog's dashboard and deleted a few blog links in my "Favorite Links" section that dealt with politics or immigration.

So as I write this I have been up and online for two hours and twenty-four minutes. I have not seen nor read a word of news or politics. I went for over a month back in October. It was fantastic and I could tell a major difference in my day and thought process. My mood was better. I used less internet data and spent less time on the computer.

Only after moving my main blog to Wordpress in early December, with an announcement I was going to be more open in my writing and expand the subjects for blogging, did I take a look at the news so I could make comments about it.


It will be just as hard as following a strict diet change to keep from taking a peek at the news sometimes. The fact is, I know what's going on. I know it's not going change as long as Trump is President and maybe even longer. I know that I cannot do anything about any of it. Me watching or reading about it does nothing to improve my life.

I am just tired of hearing it. All of it.

Stella and I still have about 20 minutes before it's time to take our walk this morning. It's going to be warmer today which is good. We did the afternoon walk yesterday but without the camera. As the field thaws it was soft and muddy in spots. With a mix of rain tonight and tomorrow the field will be a mess, maybe too wet to take a walk. At least it will be much warmer.

NO NEWS will be read or watched here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

March 6, 2019

Starting To Get Warm Again


I took this picture of Stella a few weeks ago but it's her daily position to start her siesta right after lunch. Later in the afternoon she will move to the couch but this is a daily spot for her and has been since the day she arrived. I'm starting today's post from yesterday afternoon. Just like it was predicted, the temps crawled into the 20's but with each degree it climbed the wind seemed to blow stronger so the "feels like" temps never got above 0°.

March 5, 2019

Rambling At -2°

2019 Mar 05

With Heidi telling me not to wake her until late April, I decided for the first time this winter I would put on a pair of long johns even if I was staying inside the house all day. I didn't care. I wanted to feel warm, hot. I wanted to get to the point where I'd have to pull them off because "it's too hot to wear these" ... we'll see if that happens.

March 4, 2019

Single Digit Temps Freeze The Hounds

2019 Mar 04

I had failed to remember that starting Sunday night, the arctic winds would start blowing my direction and drop the overnight temperatures to single digits. I knew as soon as I opened my eyes and stepped outside the warm bedroom that something was different. I had turned the heat down in the living room like I do every night and with it being 5° outside it was just a tad below 60° inside. It was colder when I opened the door to let the hounds outside to start our day.

March 3, 2019

Heidi Explores In The Snow !!


While living retired in the 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana you have to be flexible. Retirement allows me to be very flexible and the weather gives me plenty of chances to prove it. Like today. I was going to take photos every hour to show the progression of our small snow storm. There wasn't enough progression to note with a camera, so plans had to change. This was around 10:30am, about an hour or so after it has started snowing lightly.

Snow Storm ?

2019 Mar 03

We were warned last night on the local news that the hounds and I were to expect around 3" of snow today. Not only did they tell us the amount and the probability of it happening but stressed that most of the snow would happen south of I-70. That's us. In that case Stella planned to get an early start on the walk this morning before the snow would start.

March 2, 2019

A Bloodhound Nose ??

2019 Mar 02

Basset Hounds are bred to flush rabbits out and into thick brush, the woods, a field or a backyard. To do that Heidi would have to get out of bed first and it's almost 11am. I have seen a Basset Hound in action though and Sadie (the WA Basset Hound) did just that, flush a rabbit into the thick brush where the rabbit stops in panic. The shoulders of the Basset Hound is made specifically to charge through brush so thick you cannot even walk through it.

March 1, 2019

Heidi's Afternoon

2019 Mar 01

As promised, some photos of Heidi's typical afternoon since she has been hibernating in the mornings. Since the temps are not up to her threshold of 70° yet, that means she really doesn't do much as she waits for spring. Mid 40's is not going to keep her outside for too long as you can see from these "right after lunch" pictures.

Amazing Keto Results

2019 Mar 01

Yes it's only been 6 days since I decided to get 'serious' about cutting carbs. I pulled a Keto grocery list from my files last week and went shopping. There wasn't a lot of difference in what I bought except a few important things were not bought. Things like pasta, oatmeal, sugar, nothing in a package. For a while now I have been eating steak, chicken with the skin on it and salmon. That did not change this week.

Also these numbers are honest numbers. I never cheat when taking my weight or measurements, something I have been doing every month since I retired in April 2015 while escaping from all the soda machines, fast foods and Friday morning pastries.