This blog started in October 2011 as a personal journal, where I wanted to record information I was finding on the RV lifestyle plus information, along with photos, on any rigs I had looked at and considered buying.

The thought of traveling and living in an RV was NEVER even a thought until October 2011. I had just read about Glenn over at www.tosimplify.net on a Yahoo Business page one boring day at work, on a Friday. That article led to a new obsession, one where I read everything I could about RVing full-time. I knew nothing about RVs but with the help of the blogs I follow, RV forums and the few friends at work that owned RVs … I was able to figure out enough to continue.

Over the 3+ years, this blog has moved in a few different directions because of my indecision whether to travel full-time or even part-time with three hounds. After a bad roadtrip experience in September 2013, a lot of analysis, a lot of exchanging emails asking questions with people that were on the road RVing and a few short trips … I decided I would not RV at that time, with a bloodhound and two basset hounds. Too many hounds.

Still the urge to travel at times was so strong, that it would be all I thought about at different times of the year. Since I could not make a firm decision on what to buy as far as a trailer, the tow vehicle or the RV ... I decided this past spring (2015) to tent camp. I had experience in tent camping but that was over 20 years ago. With some new updated camping equipment, a little camping research, the three hounds and I did our first tent camping trip in June 2015.

I've gone back and forth in my mind trying to decide what is best for my hounds. They are my highest priority. At times I think it’s more important putting my hounds in the best environment for their routines and way of life more than taking them all over the country in a “must be leashed” lifestyle. My three hounds have a great environment here at the house to live in and with familiar land they will sit outside unleashed when I am outside.

Still that urge to travel to see this great country is too strong. I have to travel at least some of the time. I am sure it would be a different result if I were solo like some of the bloggers I follow that travel fulltime.

Still, our trip to Colorado and Utah in early June 2015, proved all three hounds (different 3) were "road warriors" and did not mind tent camping. They ate regularly, had normal hours of sleeping and a very similar routine on the road as they do at home. With that experience, future trips will be taken, using my house as a "home base". I have always have been undecided whether to sell the house and move west or sell everything and buy a Class A RV to live and travel in.

So in the meantime we will tent camp and travel when the urge hits or we want to escape bad weather. Based on the personality of the new bloodhound and her love to ride in the Toyota FJ, I still think traveling with 3 hounds and 2 hands is possible.

I must admit during different times of the year, thoughts of traveling are not a priority. I enjoy the comforts of a "sticks 'n bricks" and the area that I live in.

This blog has a lot of information that might help you if you are new to the RV lifestyle and are thinking about RVing full-time or even part-time. The majority of that blog focused on the RV lifestyle and a writeup on the different rigs I either looked at or bought. Maybe some of the information I have written will shorten the time it takes you to do research for a rig.

When traveling this blog will have photos and write-ups of where we have been, otherwise during those times we stay home, by popular demand, there will be mostly photos and stories of the hounds in their daily routines.

If you have any questions or comments about anything you read on the blog, don’t hesitate to email me at bhounds3 @ gmail.com (minus the spaces)

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